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Do You Need A Corporate Security Guard?

These days, there are all kinds of risks facing modern businesses. There is the fear of theft, vandalism, and random acts of violence. However, many of these risks can be greatly lessened or even eliminated altogether by hiring a corporate security guard or even a security guard team, depending on the size of your business. While just about any business can benefit fr

Why A Private Investigator Is Helpful

The most important part of running a business is to keep track of the profits that are being made as well as the losses. It gives a business owner a good idea of how well their business is doing and whether changes need to be made so that things will improve. Unfortunately, many successful business owners are unable to keep track of their accounting needs without hiri

Getting Penetration Testing Services For Your Company

Cyber threats aren't just a problem, the entire world of cybercrime is a nearly trillion dollar industry that is getting bigger each year. Because cybercriminals are getting more advanced and sophisticated, you need to be sure that your company always has an edge on them, and is able to avoid the threats as they come about.  In order to stay ahead of the game wit

Have Problems with Online Security and Business Emails? What to Know Today

If you have had your business emails hacked and you're having problems with phishing and viruses, it's time to bring in professional help. A business email security company can evaluate your network and servers, the email provider you are using, and your employees' internet usage to see what the problem is. Here are some of the things to talk with the experts about to

Three Situations In Which An Armed Security Guard Is A Necessity

Armed security guards are now less common than unarmed security guards. At one time, the idea of an unarmed security guard was laughable, but it quickly became clear after so many accidental shootings of people by guards on duty that maybe guns to protect anything not so valuable was not such a good idea. Now, you have your choice when you hire security officers. If y