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Business Security 101: The Facts About Security Guards

As a business owner, customer service should be a top priority. Keeping your customers happy and secure is a crucial part of your company's success. One of the things that you may have thought about is retaining the services of an onsite security service. Some business owners may shy away from contracting a security service solely because of misconceptions that they h

Why Your Business Needs The Services Of A Security Company

There is a direct relationship between business excellence and security. Private security companies complement law enforcement agencies in securing lives and property. The presence of security guards helps deter crime and enhance productivity in a business environment. Here are the top reasons for hiring the services of a security company if you are undecided.  C

4 Instances You Might Need To Hire Armed Security Personnel For Your Business

Your business needs enhanced security from trained security guards, whether you have security systems in place or not. However, you may find the need to go the extra mile and hire armed security guard services. This is not a decision you take lightly, considering that your security personnel can use deadly weapons should the situation force them to do so. So does your

4 Reasons To Install A Fire Alarm System In Your Commercial Building

Fire is always a risk when you own or manage a commercial property. Electricity is the most common cause of fire in the business place. Other possible causes include cigarettes, cooking and heating equipment, and intentional fire setting. As the business owner or manager, you should always be prepared for accidental fires and also arson. The best way to protect your b

How Home Inspector Body Cameras Help Fight Malicious Claims

Body cameras are known for their application in law enforcement situations. They have helped to verify events, to either support or fight claims against law enforcement officers. But other professions that are prone to liability claims have also found a good use for body cameras. Home inspectors are sometimes the subject of meritless claims in their work. How can home