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Why A Private Investigator Is Helpful

The most important part of running a business is to keep track of the profits that are being made as well as the losses. It gives a business owner a good idea of how well their business is doing and whether changes need to be made so that things will improve. Unfortunately, many successful business owners are unable to keep track of their accounting needs without hiring someone to handle the task as they are usually busy with other aspects of the business. Unless the accountant is trustworthy, there is always a risk of him or her embezzling money from the business for his or her own needs. If you suspect that your accountant is illegally taking money, continue reading this article to learn why hiring a private investigator is a good idea before a confrontation takes place.

Investigating the Suspect's Bank Account

If your accountant has a bank account, there is a good chance that he or she keeps money from your company there. It is common for employees to get their paychecks direct deposited into their bank accounts. A private investigator can find out if your accountant has had any suspicious deposits going into the bank account that you should know about. Even if the deposited amounts are not large sums of money, they should be of a concern if they were from your business. The investigator can give you all of the documents that are needed for you to prove that your employee has been illegally taking money from your business if it is found to be true.

Finding Out About Suspicious Purchases

If your accountant has been taken large amounts of money, it is possible that he or she has also been making big purchases. An investigator will keep an eye on your employee to find out if any suspicious purchases have been taking place. For instance, if your employee purchased a new vehicle during the time you believe he or she has been embezzling money, it is a good reason to be suspicious. If he or she has been going on frequent shopping sprees or taking more vacations than usual, the investigator will be able to find out on your behalf.

Going Undercover as Your Employee

In some cases, an individual offering private investigation might want to go undercover as an employee. The reason why is because it will allow him or her to build a friendship with the suspect. After the suspect builds his or her trust, he or she might actually confess to the undercover investigator that money is be embezzled.