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Three Situations In Which An Armed Security Guard Is A Necessity

Armed security guards are now less common than unarmed security guards. At one time, the idea of an unarmed security guard was laughable, but it quickly became clear after so many accidental shootings of people by guards on duty that maybe guns to protect anything not so valuable was not such a good idea. Now, you have your choice when you hire security officers. If you are not sure which type to hire (i.e., armed versus unarmed), the following situations will help clarify for you which option fits your situation better. 

You Are Protecting Something of Extreme Value

Buying a very rare painting or sinking all of your money into purchasing the world's largest diamond means that you will need armed guards from now to eternity. Every thief who wants what you just bought is going to consider stealing it from you. If your guards are not on duty all the time and armed to take out intruders, you do not have enough protection. The same holds true for anything of extreme value that you have purchased and have in your possession. 

Someone Has Made a Death Threat Against You/Your Family

In the event that you are an important enough person that someone makes a death threat against you or makes a death threat against a member of your family, you need an armed security guard. More to the point, you will need at least one guard for every person that shares your home. To an extent, these would be armed bodyguards, but they are securing everyone's safety so that makes them security guards as well. 

You Are Hosting a Large Party with Important Guests

Bouncers are not enough when you have local or national celebrities attending an event you are hosting. Armed security guards should be present to protect your V.I.P.s, and they should be stationed and circling in the general areas of these guests. If you are worried about attire, you can ask the security company to instruct the guards to wear formal or street attire for the event. Their guns should be in shoulder holsters or ankle holsters out of sight for the evening, but always within reach if something unusual occurs. 

Most Other Situations

If your need for an armed guard or armed patrol of guards falls into one of the above situations, then you should definitely have an armed guard. If you only need guards on duty to watch over an abandoned building or a construction site, they do not really need to be armed. Use your best judgement when you hire guards.

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