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How Home Inspector Body Cameras Help Fight Malicious Claims

Body cameras are known for their application in law enforcement situations. They have helped to verify events, to either support or fight claims against law enforcement officers. But other professions that are prone to liability claims have also found a good use for body cameras. Home inspectors are sometimes the subject of meritless claims in their work. How can home inspector body cameras help fight these meritless claims? Here are a few ways:

Collect Evidence Against General Liability Suits

Disgruntled property owners will sometimes accuse home inspectors of bodily harm, breakages, and various errors of omission. It falls on a home inspector to disprove these allegations. Conventional photos do not reflect the time element in such a case, but video evidence can show events as they happened and help fight malicious claims.

For example, a property owner could accuse you of breaking roofing shingles while doing a roof inspection. Still photos of broken shingles can't tell whether they were broken before you approached the spot. But a home inspector personal body camera can show the spot, and the broken shingles, as you approach. This evidence will exonerate you against such breakage claims. 

Help Disprove Theft Claims 

Home inspectors sometimes become victims of theft accusations. A homeowner might see an opportunity for quick monetary settlement through accusations such as jewelry theft. Such claims are hard to fight because it is usually your word against the homeowner's, more so when it is a 'respectable' person doing the accusations. 

A body camera records all the movements you make and every object you interact with within the house. If the accuser says you stole jewelry from their bedroom safe, it is easy to show that you never approached the safe in the inspection. You can easily disprove such cases, and can even counter-sue for defamation. 

Dismiss Claims of Improper Work

It is not uncommon for property owners to blame home inspectors when a sale is unsuccessful. You might get accusations of failing to do your work properly. Home inspector body cameras can disprove such claims by recording every step of your inspection. 

The body cameras will show testing of different appliances, like the air conditioner. A body camera can also record audio, which will prove that your reporting is proper. It will also add credibility to your work. The realtor or property owner cannot dispute what is already on video if they don't like it. It helps you show the real situation as it is. 

Are worries of liability claims hampering your home inspection work? Talk to a security equipment provider about home inspector body camera options.