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Investigative Services: 3 Scenarios That Warrant Hiring A Private Investigator

When the term investigation comes to mind, most people think of a police investigation into a serious crime such as a homicide. Nonetheless, some types of investigations do not relate to crimes. Private investigators handle such cases. 

Private investigators provide investigation services for both individuals and businesses. And though most people can't fathom why they would need to hire a private investigator, several scenarios warrant hiring one. 

Here are three common scenarios that warrant procuring investigation services from a PI. 

1. You Suspect Your Spouse of Infidelity

Suspecting your spouse of having an affair is common. But, proving that your spouse is cheating on you can be challenging. Besides, most partners who cheat do it so in a covert manner, hoping you never catch wind of their infidelity. 

Nonetheless, if you suspect your spouse is having an affair, it is not wise to sit around and hope they will slip up and expose their infidelity. As a result, hiring a PI to investigate the situation and determine whether your partner is cheating is prudent. 

The main benefit of hiring investigative services in such a scenario is that the PI will provide hard evidence. Examples of evidence a PI can provide include photographs, recordings, and communication logs. Hence, hiring a PI to investigate your spouse's supposed infidelity can help you prove your suspicions with cold hard evidence. 

2. You Want to Uncover Hidden Assets During a Divorce

Division of assets is one of the most complex processes during a divorce. Sometimes, one spouse may try to hide some of their assets to avoid losing or sharing them in the divorce. If your spouse conceals some of their assets from a divorce settlement, they will deny you your rightful share of the assets. 

But you may not be in a position to uncover such hidden assets. Thus, you need to hire a private investigator to dig into your partner's finances and find any assets they may have hidden from your divorce.

To ensure that there are no funds or assets not included in the divorce, a private investigator can comb through years of your partner's:

If the PI finds any hidden funds or assets, they will provide you with the evidence you need to present in divorce court. 

3. You Need Background Checks on Potential Employees and Tenants

Before accepting new employees or tenants, it is advisable to conduct thorough background checks on them. But most employers and landlords only ask their employees or tenants to provide a letter of good conduct. 

However, even former criminals can get a letter of good conduct by applying for a certificate of relief. Thus, a letter of good conduct doesn't suffice as a substitute for a thorough background check. Hence, even if a tenant or employee provides a letter of good conduct, it is still advisable to hire a PI to conduct a thorough background check.