Coupling With Great Security Professionals

Why Security Personnel Are Needed At Car Dealership Promotions

If you operate a car dealership, you might have one or more large-scale promotion events each year that are designed to raise the profile of your business in the community — and, of course, to sell more cars. With the right marketing, such events can be hugely popular. People may flock to your dealership to check out vehicles from the newest model year, as well as win prizes and enjoy other entertainment. Security guard services might not be the first thing on your mind when you're planning this type of event, but it should be. Speak to a local event security company and arrange to have a small contingent of trained personnel on the scene to prevent these issues.

Car Theft

One of your biggest concerns during this type of event should be the theft of your vehicles. Given the right circumstances, it could be relatively easy for a seasoned car thief to get into one of the vehicles and drive it off the lot. In part, this is because you'll often have vehicles unlocked so that people can check them out. Someone who knows what he or she is doing can easily hot wire a car and drive away, all without arousing suspicion. The presence of uniformed security officers can discourage someone from contemplating the theft of one of your vehicles.

Vehicle Vandalism

Large-scale events mostly attract those with good intentions, but there may be a small percentage of your event's attendees who are there for dubious reasons. For example, someone might want to commit acts of vandalism — perhaps scratching the bodies of some cars with a key, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Having uniformed officers around the car lot can discourage such vandalism, while having some security personnel in street clothes may help to identify and capture anyone who visits your event for this reason.

Crowd Management

If your event has a heavy turnout, you'll feel confident in knowing that you've hired a security company to provide crowd control. Whenever there are people and vehicles that are sharing the same space, there's a chance of an accident taking place. For example, someone might inadvertently walk into the path of a vehicle that you're moving from one spot in the lot to another, resulting in a serious injury — and a major bout of bad publicity for your dealership. Event security professionals are trained at crowd management, which will dramatically lower the risk of such an incident.