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Death Threats? Attempted Assaults? You Need More Than A Guard Dog!

Some people will go to great lengths to hurt others. When you are the target of several vicious attacks, and you have narrowly escaped injury, you might get a large dog for protection. However, when those attempted assaults turn into death threats, you might have to make some tougher choices in security. Here is what you have to do next to be safe and stay alive. 

Inform the Police

If you have written or video proof, take it to the police. Even if you do not have proof, try to file a complaint or report anyway. It is necessary to establish a pattern of behavior with the person or persons who are attempting to harm you and/or members of your family. If any harm should come to you, there will be a paper trail with the police that shows that you were not kidding about these threats and attacks. 

Install a Top-Notch Home Security System

You may have nothing of value that a thief may want to steal, but that is irrelevant when someone is after you. Installing a security system with cameras that have the ability to record everything that happens could help save your life and put criminals behind bars. At the very least, you will be able to see any intruder coming before that terrifying moment when he/she tries to break through your door, and you can call the police when you see the intruder in your yard. 

Hire Security Guard Services

It is not overkill to hire security guards, given the circumstances. The police will not protect you when all you have are death threats, and they will not post a squad car outside your property unless there are significant threats to your safety. Security guards, however, will be there for you night and day for as long as you need their services. They are your first line of defense against intruders and home invasion because the trespassers and intruders have to get past the guards first and the home security system second. By that time, either the guards or the security system will have already alerted you to the fact that an intruder is on your property and is probably headed straight for your house. That gives you additional time to call the police if the guards have not already done so. 

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