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Check the Scene Before You Drop a Business Executive Off for a Meeting

When you work on an executive protection detail, periods of action are rare. You may be providing protection to a business executive, but it's unlikely that people are targeting him or her for kidnapping, assault, or other crimes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This doesn't mean that you should ever let your guard down, though. You're being paid to keep your client safe, and a diligent approach every minute of every shift will help you to achieve this goal. Part of your job will be dropping your client off to different locations for meetings. Before you allow him or her to leave the vehicle, here are some things to check.

Out-of-Place Vehicles

When you pull up to the location, take a look for any vehicles that appear out of place. If you believe that your client is a kidnapping threat, the suspects may plan to snatch the business executive and drive him or her away. To do this, they'll need a van—it's a perfect vehicle for the task because of its lack of windows. Don't be afraid to thoroughly scour the area to see if there are any vans parked nearby. Keep in mind that the van doesn't have to appear black and sinister. It could be a work van designed to blend in.

Suspicious People

Give the area a thorough look for any people who appear suspicious. This doesn't mean that their clothing will appear out of the ordinary—but it does mean that they might appear to be taking an interest in your arrival. For example, a vehicle pulling up to a building shouldn't generate any interest from those around the building. If you notice that perhaps someone is seated on a bench and keeps casting quick glances in your direction, this person could have suspicious intentions.

A Lack of Security

Commercial buildings commonly have security officers around the entrance, and they'll rarely leave their post without some type of emergency. You want to look for the presence of these guards. Their presence means that they'll be able to come to your aid should someone attempt to do harm to your client. If the guards aren't present, it could be a sign that some threats have lured them away under false pretenses in order to make it easier to snatch your client. If any of these issues are present, keep your client secure in the vehicle.

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